Swaantje Nijkamp Background

Swaantje Nijkamp

Co-Founder, Creative

Swaantje Nijkamp (she/her) is co-founder, creative and strategist at Buro Curious and dance teacher based in Amsterdam. In 2007 she graduated with her BA in Theatre at the HKU and then completed her Dance Improvisation degree in 2010 at Docent Dans Improvisatie Amsterdam. She specializes in movement and is driven to create for productions related to content and change management.

Her creating process starts from the belief that people want to experience new things, play, explore and be reminded that we’re all, in a way, creators. She focuses on physical presence and trusts that the expressiveness of performers can create a bridge to any audience. In her Curious work she loves to translate a question into a content related experience design. This leads to interesting gatherings and training where institutes or companies are challenged in a constructive way to communicate about change within their organization. 

At the moment she is working on a two-year dance course ELAP where she has the chance to explore her own creativity as a dancer and instant composer. 

Buro Curious is a team of individual creators that as a collective create impactful experience designs for immersive experience, celebration events or brand activation. Each of us has their own unique quality and interest that contributes to the creation of memorable moments.

“I believe every human being is born with a ‘makers’ capacity. Experience design should be a topic at every corner in society. People are multiple intelligent creatures, the impact of learning and experiencing through all senses is underexposed.”

Swaantje Nijkamp