Ella Gil Background

Ella Gil

Co-Founder, Creative

Ella (she/her) graduated at HKU with a BA in Theatre (Theatermaker) in 2007 and is based in Amsterdam. She specializes in location theater and diffusing the borders between actor and audience in multidisciplinary concepts. Today Ella’s work still focuses on immersive experiences and utilizing all the senses to bring a specific story to live. She was granted a scholarship by the Amsterdam Fund of the Arts for her creative research in this field. 

Ella feels immersive experience is the ultimate form of communication that enables the senses to melt together. In a total experience the audience becomes one with the story ánd each other, it creates a moment of symbiosis. Her mission is to create a sense of curiosity in people regarding each other and the world around them. In her work she loves to connect all the dots that create an event combining her artistic drive, broad netwerk and her skill for creative production. Charging all the involved elements in detail so that when combined they tell your story on all imaginable levels.

Buro Curious is a team of individual creators that as a collective create impactful experience designs for immersive experience, celebration events or brand activation. Each of us has their own unique quality and interest that contributes to the creation of memorable moments.

“I love to get lost in a story; deep diving into all the tantalizing elements that the world around us provides to trigger meaning through all our senses. Making sense of them and using the right tools to provide these as experiences for others is what drives me to connect the dots and create an immersive experience.”

Ella Gil