From the first spark of inspiration to a fully realized event production, we have the vision and resources to manage your question expertly. Whether it involves an immersive experience, brand activation or celebration event we take great care in telling your story.

Guided by the principle that: a genuine moment can transform someone forever. We strive to create exceptional experience events that connect with the audience and leave them inspired – making memories that last forever. We are Amsterdam based and create for clients in the Netherlands and Europe.

We’re great listeners that take the time to fully understand your goals and vision. This enables us to build unique experiences that leave lasting impressions. In this process our team combines every thinkable creative element to create a captivating event or immersive experience. With our roots in performance and event design, we always ensure the story is told fully and carefully embedded in every part of the event design.  The experience activates your story and engages the audience in every moment of the event. 

We work in 4 phases:

1. Exploration

We start by taking the time to fully understand your goals and vision for your event. This phase of research and brainstorming is translated into a first draft of the experience concept. An important part of the research is done in this phase. We explore different possibilities that fit your event including: styling, performance, program and immersive experience elements. After a mutual commitment on concept and costs we dive into the next phase. 

2. Creation

We have a green light! Now we focus on the full development of creative design and event production. We compose the perfect team of creatives for the project to realize the creation of the event, immersive experience or training event.

3. Experience

Time for the experience! In this phase we create the final scripts, event design, call sheets and other materials that make this production one of a kind. Rehearsal and run through are the prelude to the execution of the experience event.

4. Sharing

We complete the collaboration by sharing the content-related harvest and reflecting on the experience. Other necessary practical and financial round-ups happen in this phase. But most importantly, time to celebrate the shared memories.

This is how we do it:

“Buro Curious translates the atmosphere off the silver screen into an interactive immersive experience that challenges you in many different ways to get involved with the story before, during the film and after at the event.”

CEO, Cineville

“A strong and worthy partner when designing our event, they understood our way of working and ambitions which made the entire project a success. Absolutely recommended!”

Manager, Belastingdienst

“Buro Curious has a strong sense of concept and is a fantastic collective of creative professionals who create a great addition to a corporate event. Working with Buro Curious adds an extra layer of fun and energy to the production.”

Founder, Steam My Event

“With Buro Curious you only need to plant a small seed, and a full-fledged concept will grow from it. The sharp, in-depth and entertaining content they create lift’s your event to the next level. I highly recommend working with this creative, engaged and friendly team!”

Advisor, Gemeente Amsterdam

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