Fumi Lennaerts Background

Fumi Lennaerts

Connector, Coordinator

Fumi Lennaerts (she/they) is a cultural coordinator and educator based in Amsterdam. She graduated from the Amsterdam School of the Arts (Cultural Heritage) with an interest in education and contemporary art. In the years following, she has worked as a teacher, gallerist, floor manager and coordinator in museums. At Buro Curious she brings these experiences together as coordinator. The combination of connecting people and art is something they really enjoys.

With a passion for activism, she reads, looks and listens to the world around their and is always eager to learn. They can’t live life without a daily dose of humor, good food and art. As a queer feminist, they want to contribute to society, in their private life, but in their work as well. At Buro Curious, she always searches for people and ways to achieve this.

Buro Curious is a team of individual creators that as a collective create impactful experience designs for immersive experience, celebration events or brand activation. Each of us has their own unique quality and interest that contributes to the creation of memorable moments. 

“I’m fascinated by art and aesthetics that communicate a strong feeling. When given the right tools, people are able to perceive the works in a different way and experience new sensation or point of view. Art can start conversations that bring different perspectives together. At first, within the art work, but eventually within each other.”

Fumi Lennaerts