Joost Termeer Background

Joost Termeer


Joost Termeer (he/him) is a Amsterdam based still life photographer that works part time as a financial assistant at Buro Curious. After graduating from photography at HKU in 2018 he has had multiple exhibitions at art centers and fairs like Unseen Fair. His fascination for objects, sets and creating worlds translates into him working within commercial photography. Additionally he works on long lasting personal art projects throughout the year.

His focus is still life photography with a hint to advertising. Being playful, colorful and partially absurd, Joost’s work plays into the imagination. Even though the objects and images he uses are grounded in what we experience as reality, the resulting work usually is a twist on that (perception of) reality.

One way to get Joost bored is to show art and tell the viewer exactly what it is you are supposed to see and understand from it. Get funky and get funny! A little crazy never hurt anybody.

Buro Curious is a team of individual creators that as a collective create impactful experience designs for immersive experience, celebration events or brand activation. Each of us has their own unique quality and interest that contributes to the creation of memorable moments.

“The stories and feelings that art provides are more valuable than a perfect picture or a perfect concept. Unexpected and unintended changes along the way during creation are valuable moments you should cherish – they’re your magic.”

Joost Termeer