18 May 2023 - News

Memorable Events

We all have defining moments in our lives – meaningful experiences or events that stand out in our memory. These moments shape & enrich our lives and enable us to create lasting memories. And as we live our life from moment to moment, the memorable moments are the ones that endure in our memories. In the events created by Buro Curious we take the time to touch qualities to enhance the experience of the guests. 

We see every event as a possibility to surprise or move the group of people that have gathered together. By considering this and actively approaching it in this way could make all the difference to make some memorable moments spark.

But at Buro Curious we don’t just wait for that to happen, we actively create them. 

Every event, every conference, every fair, every celebration deserves to be memorable. Why would you put effort, money and time into things you won’t remember? And usually, the idea you have is only a brainstorm away from becoming something everlasting. 

To find these memorable moments, at Buro Curious we continuously search for stories and metaphors to connect your event to every aspect of the story. In this process we connect an artform that compliments the concept and interacts with the guests. This creates a playful setting, where an ‘audience’ becomes a ‘participator’ and people (organizers and visitors) are moved.

Genuine and interactive hosting with immersive character

With every question we get, we try to challenge ourselves in the creation of impactful experiences. Using performance elements, we create a clear framework in which there’s always room for improvisation. Why? Because everything happens in that specific moment. We’re trained to adapt and respond. Using the audience as an active input frame.

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