Artistic club night Sorpresa 2 June 2023
30 May 2023 - News

Sorpresa at Hal25

Born from the urge to create exciting, new and artistic experiments in nightlife for an open minded audience Sorpresa was born. Are you ready for a night of surprises and immersive experiments? Join this wonderful nightlife experience 2nd of June at Hal25.

Artistic club night Sorpresa 2 June 2023

The name says it all; a night full of surprising weirdness you won’t experience in daily life. Sorpresa takes you into a time-lapse we can’t put into words. Prepare for a euphoric and memorable journey. We will pass through this moment together. Let’s feel, smell, hear, see and taste the unexpected.

An artistic club with immersive installations, hidden dance floors and surprising performances.

Sorpresa is part of Ella’s immersive experience research and a presentation of her process. This project is partly funded by the artist stipend she received from the AFK.


Ella Gil, Else de Bruin, Silvie Konings, Emma de Smit

Fags of Destiny, DJ Slimfit, DJ Collectief Aan Tafel, Anna Joan, Priscilla Tervoert and more…