14 November 2023 - News

Museumnacht Huis Willet Holthuysen Queer Takeover

“A wild experience that attracts wonderfully extravagant, well dressed visitors.”
Newspaper Parool. 

The House Willet Holthuysen served as a canvas for the Museumnacht Amsterdam. Filled with majestic 19th century decor, musty smells and glittering kitsch, it made place for an adventure of the present. Within these old walls, artists took up all the space with inclusive stories. 

The Queer Gaze Takeover at the house was a curious success where culture, content, art and creativity intertwined. A busy yet intimate night filled with contrasts, introducing queer relationships within a substantial building. Straight through the traces of the past, the house, the eclectic mix of references, artifacts, symbols and history were combined with all the artists and visitors who added their own story. Bringing stories into the house that were apparently never intended, but that have always been there undeniably and irreversibly. The night served as a way to connect and build bridges between subjects like history and liberation; adding new sounds in an old environment. 

What did that look like? Lipsyncing performances in front of aged paintings by Fags of Destiny, getting tooth gems by Sonrisa Bling in the chicest salon of the city and colorful performances in a tiny old kitchen by DEGASTEN. By sharing stories, each unique and from their own perspective, we ingrained the house with a queer gaze. Every room held a completely different atmosphere. Where music by Splitter Splatter filled some, peaceful aroma sessions by Sorpresa filled others. There was a room where Joost Termeer created photo collages with the guests while hearty and intimate conversations were held at the artist talks by Jelle Zijlstra and in the garden where stories from Cruise Verhalen could be heard. And to magnify your FOMO there was even more: tours by Smita James and Mini Maxwell, packed bar by Orginics, beautiful art shop with work by Nick Langkveld, Chris Marmier & Paul Nentjes and a sneak peak of their upcoming expo by House of Vineyard.

By using and amplifying the atmosphere of the unique location, we found a way to share contents and art in a captivating way that serves as both education and entertainment. We see our Queer Gaze takeover as an example to tell every kind of story in every kind of environment.