9 October 2023 - News

Buro Curious | Creative Collabs

At Buro Curious, we put effort into the magic that happens when creative minds come together. For each project we embark on a unique journey every single time. There’s one constant however;  a strong collaboration with our network of creative specialists. 

Over the years we’ve connected an amazing and talented group of professionals who know exactly how to craft unforgettable moments. We always say that the power of our experiences lays in the expertise that these creatives bring. Dedicated to curating a tailor-made experience that meets and exceeds all expectations, we ensure the story behind every event is brought to life by collaborating with the right specialist talent.

Right now we are working on a dream project for Museumnacht Amsterdam 2023. This year we are invited by Huis Willet Holthuysen to take over their museum with Queer Gaze. An exciting moment to showcase our wonderful creatives. Read more about this event in this letter and enjoy our interview with Joost Termeer, one of the creators that we will collaborate with during this marvelous night…

Interview with Joost Termeer

For this newsletter we asked Joost Termeer, photographer and artist, to share his views on collaborations. Joost has been working with us for several years and is part of our lovely network. He will also be a part of our Museumnacht experience; Queer Gaze. 

In this 12Q with Buro Curious video you describe your work very clearly as playful, could elaborate?

But of course! I design my sets with a feeling, story and concept. I find it interesting that people always have certain connotations to particular objects, unconscious biases and prejudices about things in general. So when you bring certain objects together, it triggers all of these biases and prejudices people have. And in my sets, they usually present themselves in an unexpected place or arrangement. Then when I label it as art, that causes a clash and plays with people’s minds. This is often why my work is labeled ‘playful’… and I like to think it is as well.

When you collaborate on a project, how do you go to work?  

When I do commercial work, it usually works out that I take care of the concept,  lighting, set design, casting and photography. So I take on many roles. The owner of a product wants it to shine as best as it can, while I’m trying to capture the feeling a product emits. It can be quite challenging navigating through that. I find working together with other creatives super important. Statistically speaking it’s very good for building up your network and to practice your craft, but mostly what I find very important in creative collaborations is how much freedom you experience. I love being able to approach people who make cool products and being like; ‘Hey, let’s do something fun together’ and then finally being able to work on that crazy idea that you’ve had in mind. 

What is the last collaboration that you liked a lot?

With Nick Lankveld, a handbag designer who I share a studio with. It was so much fun because he wanted to work with still-lives and we went to thrift stores to get objects to build a set. We also worked together with Melissa van Heijs, who makes leather harnesses. The click between us was great and I’m very happy with the outcome. 

What are you going to be doing during Museumnacht? 

We’re going to be doing a photography workshop, but it’ll actually be more of a sculpture building workshop where we’re going to be telling stories with the use of objects. We’re collecting objects that fit the atmosphere of the Willet Holthuysen house, but also objects that fit more into the current queer world. Visitors will be able to try and build a story with these objects and how to get an image of this. I find it very important that this transformation from object to physical or digital product takes place. That’s how you go from your imagination to something that you actually make in the real world.. 

Huis Willet Holthuys – Queer Gaze

Huis Willet Holthuysen is filled with historical stories and connections, but the stories we know are often told from one side. That’s why on Museumnacht Buro Curious takes over the house and introduces Queer Gazes. Within the historical context of the house, queer stories are invited to interact and propose queertopian alter stories, everything will be turned upside down by our outstanding creative network. Expect adventurous scavenger hunts, captivating performances, queertastic POPPY vibes and experiences from all kinds of perspectives.


Smita James & Mini Maxwell | Queer Gaze Tours

Curious about the permanent collection from a queer critical perspective? Sign up for a Queer Gaze speed tour with one of these specialist conductors!

Joost Termeer | workshop: Queer Sculptures

Step into the artistic world of Joost Termeer and dive into a still life workshop. Take home a piece of the magic of the evening and leave your mark on the rich collection of queerness and artistry.

Barnaby Savage | Cruise Verhalen

Barnaby Savage researches the history of cruising in Amsterdam. In ‘Cruise Stories’ he maps former gay cruising spots in the city and tries to share the untold stories they contain. Discover the fragments of stories and experiences in Willet Holthuysen’s garden during Museum Night. 

Sorpresa | Sorpresa Experience

Experience the sensory-stimulating spaces on the top floor of the house. Buro Curious invites the Sorpresa collective. Sorpresa approaches stories from immersion experience. Feel, smell, hear, see and experience what they have to say…

Nilay Ceber | Performance DEGASTEN

Buro Curious invites theater maker Nilay Ceber from DEGASTEN to work from personal stories and the House. Together with the young people Ceber collaborates with, they create short or long-lasting performances that will be found somewhere in the house during the night… Will you make sure to encounter them?

Sorisabling | Tooth Gems 

Swarovski gems are forever… Give your smile some sparkle with tooth gems from Sonrisa Bling! Adorn your radiant smile with a wide range of Swarovski crystals and other delightful gems. Whether for a subtle sparkle or an eye-catching gem set that suits your style!

Orginics | Specialbar by Orginics

Raise a glass to an evening of queer celebration in our lively bar. With ‘Orginics’ creating three specialty cocktails plus a refreshing non-alcoholic choice, your taste buds are in for a treat.

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