Experience event


A splendid and unforgettable evening unfolded during the Museumnacht Amsterdam at the Huis Willet Holthuysen. This historical building, decorated with 19th-century decor, infused the atmosphere with a blend of aged charm, lingering scents, and glittering kitsch, creating a space for an immersive adventure. The artists seized the entire building within these characteristic walls, weaving inclusive narratives.

The Queer Gaze Takeover at the house was a roar where culture, content, art and creativity intertwined. A busy, yet intimate night filled with contrasts, introducing queer relationships within a substantial building. Straight through the traces of the past, the house, the eclectic mix of references, artifacts, symbols and history were combined with all the artists and visitors who added their own story. Bringing stories into the house that were apparently never intended, but that have always been there undeniably and irreversibly. The night served as a way to connect and build bridges between subjects like history and liberation; adding new sounds in an old environment.

The Queer Gaze takeover stands as an exemplary approach to narrating diverse stories in varied environments, illustrating the potential for storytelling in every conceivable setting.

Credits photography: Nadia del Prado