Advice & training

Guest lectures and workshops

Over the last few years we have been happily involved in spreading our experience and knowledge on immersive theatre onto eager students of several academies in the Netherlands. Compelling them in the process of creating a story that comes to life by using interaction and the senses as an active tool. We let them experience the thrill of really becoming part of a story and invite them to activate a sense of involvement in their own audience.

Depending on the specific group of students and their education we adjust our program to their needs and interests. Varying from inviting them in our studio or at an event to become part of our creation process, to giving a seminar to shine a light on what is involved with organising a massive immersive production. We’ve also hosted a bunch of workshops for theatre students focussing on immersive design and what it entails for an actor or theatre maker to really engulf their audience and make them part of the story. All and all we love to spread our passion and vision on immersive design in all forms. 

We have worked with diverse groups of students from HKU, HU and ROC Amsterdam.