Experience event


A series of multi sensory experience events designed for Sibos Amsterdam.

Sibos / SWIFT had their annual strategic conference in Amsterdam at several locations with parallel events. At a selection of these locations, Buro Curious created multiple high-end events and artistic interventions in all shapes and sizes, inspired by the ‘senses’. In the process we designed and produced these events and communicated with the client, suppliers and locations.

Part of our responsibility was creating an enticing 4 day Spouse tour program, taking the spouses on an extra special tour of Amsterdam and surroundings (Delft and Rotterdam). The guests experienced the culture of historic towns as well as the vibrancy of contemporary Dutch life with visits to unique museums, restaurants, city tours and art & science institutes. The tour was guided by a specialized tour guide, a museum guide and a tour coordinator. All the visits were entangled with artistic interventions including musicians, performances, audio tour and other playful elements, creating genuine interaction with the guests amongst one another and  the city of Amsterdam. 

Parallel to this program we created events at eye catching locations ADAMtoren (in The Loft) and Eye Filmmuseum:

  • A cocktail event at the Loft where guests were surprised and introduced to some Amsterdam specific historic elements. Stories of Amsterdam that were shared and displayed in detail on transparent viewing frames in the windows, custom designed to compliment the impressive view. Included in the event was a surprise moment: the actual characters of Rembrandt’s world famous painting ‘The Nightwatch’ came to life. All elements contributed to a special welcome to the city of Amsterdam.
  • The Chairpersons dinner event at the Loft was accompanied with a beautiful opening act while the guests entered and was accompanied by a live harpist. The act was inspired on works of the famous Dutch painter Piet Mondriaan. During the event a host introduced the new guest to the stories of Amsterdam frames in the windows.
  • An entertaining immersive experience closing party at Eye Filmmuseum. The guests were greeted by a Marilyn Monroe on roller skates and during the night several iconic movies were brought to life by performers. They were immersed in: The wizard of Oz, Singing in the Rain, Harry Potter and the iconic Jack Rabbit Slim Twist Contest from Pulp Fiction. In combination with the complimenting musical program and light design and catering, the night was entertaining, surprising and energizing leaving the guests mesmerized.

This project was commissioned by SIBOS and organized in Amsterdam at locations The Loft (ADAMtoren), Eye Filmmuseum and the historic city center.

Credits photography: SWIFT