Event intervention

COTY Conference Malaga

Underwater Immersive experience hosting and brand activating performances.

We were invited to conceptualize and design an immersive experience performance for the Coty Conference hosted in Malaga.  An immersive act that brought hosting and entertainment together and immersed the guests in the wondrous underwater world of Coty.

Inspired by the fluidity of water, we created merpeople characters to captivate and immerse the guests of Coty. Over the duration of the conference merpeople flowed with the program, guiding guests and adding magic to the event making it one to remember.

Next to the immersive element we were asked to create custom made brand activations for a selection of brands presented at the event. We worked with a choreographer, director and group of dancers and performers to create various brand activating choreographies and performance interventions. Each one specified with a custom costume and make-up design.

This project was commissioned by Coty and Stream My Event, rehearsals in Amsterdam and execution in Malaga.

Credits photography: Stream my event

“Buro Curious has a strong sense of concept and is a fantastic collective of creative professionals who create a great addition to a corporate event. Working with Buro Curious adds an extra layer of fun and energy to the production.”

Founder, Steam My Event