Experience event


A memorable immersive experience anniversary event, bringing movies to life.

Cineville asked us to create an immersive party event to celebrate their 10th anniversary. What better way to do this than by bringing 5 of the most iconic movies of the last decade to life. During the night of the event guests were fully engaged, submersed and involved in the immersive experience. 

Greeted by the colorful Grand Budapest Hotel entrance the immersive event started and moved the guests organically from world to world throughout the night of the event. Passing through different immersive worlds:  the sinister neon world of Blade Runner, the movie set of La La Land, crazy Italian roof party of La Grande Bellezza and ending at the steamy dance floor with Spring Breakers. Every film world had its own unique storyline, interaction and immersive characters, all fully realized in costume, script and production. An immersive experience in the world of film, isn’t that the dream of every film fan?

The event was fully produced and managed by Buro Curious. It included immersive experience set design, DJ line-up, Live music, dance performances, immersive actors, interactive games and custom event catering.

This project was commissioned by Cineville and organized at Generator Hostel, Amsterdam.

Credits photography: Joao Costa, Teun Hermsen

“Buro Curious translates the atmosphere off the silver screen into an interactive immersive experience that challenges you in many different ways to get involved with the story before, during the film and after at the event.”

CEO, Cineville