Event intervention


At the Morpheus S4 Summer launch event, we’ve created a playful game to let the finance staff of Booking.com indulge in this important moment. The game created the perfect opportunity to touch upon challenges regarding the launch of their new finance program called ‘Morpheus S4’. 

In a very humorous and light way the guests could figure out several elements about each other and the movie characters of The Matrix that walked around. People received a map at the start of the event and had to solve the mystery by talking to the actors and one another. 

​​The game created high level entertainment mixed with humor and relevant content. It triggered people about the actual challenges they will have to face and the qualities they need to have. We transformed several known words, roles and topics into the language of the game. Via clues, the players collected information to get to the solution. An intervention that created impact for the development of the program and left a smile on their face. 

“Buro Curious exceeded our expectations with their exceptional ability to turn our celebration event into a captivating game for 100+ participants. Their collaborative spirit, amazing creativity, and genuine passion make them the ideal partner for those seeking unforgettable events”

Zaira Rosas, Booking.com