Advice & training


For the HFA department of the Belastingdienst we were approached to develop a series of sessions for the department in internal communication. We created a short trajectory to locate what issues the employees encountered.

We first initiated an online seminar including polls and questionnaires to find out what the attendees felt they wanted to develop. The online event was hosted by a presenter who interacted with the group. From the information gathered we distilled and suggested a follow up program to work on three topics: ownership & collaboration skills, redefining existing tools & processes and envisioning the future of the department.

For this gathering we created an innovative program which invited the participants to meet each other in a new way. After kicking off with a plenary inspirational talk by Martijn Aslander the participants were invited into different workshops concerning these topics and what the future of the department could be. The program introduced several artistic forms and interactive elements to involve them in a different way and invite curiosity to the table. 

This project was commissioned by the Belastingdienst and organized at event location Metaal Kathedraal, Utrecht.

Credits photography: Francoise Bolechowski

“A strong and worthy partner when designing our event, they understood our way of working and ambitions which made the entire project a success. Absolutely recommended!”

Manager, Belastingdienst