Experience event

BAM Nieuwbouw concepten

A memorable anniversary event to celebrate memories and connect the guests.

A grand and memorable anniversary celebration for their 30 year anniversary. From the entrance to the last banger hits on the dancefloor the guests were immersed in a Family event with the theme ‘A touch of Gold’. 

For the occasion we turned the stunning location The Loft at the ADAMToren into a family dwelling. Each guest was invited to the event as the extended family BAM. Arriving at the event, guests were welcomed by performers in character and introduced into a night of celebratory. An eccentric fashion designer ‘uncle’ greeted the guests with his assistants, giving them a touch of gold attribute. And further on they were interviewed like true stars on the red carpet (which in this case was Gold). Upstairs the guests were taken in by family members getting ready for the party: balloons were being brought into the space and a security guard (an ‘aunt’ in the family) was writing her final words for the speech. As an opening the ‘aunt’ performed a song written especially for her family and ended in a communal polonaise through the apartment, blasting the celebration into the night. The program included a photobooth, performative interventions, acrobatic performance and a magician.

This memorable and fun celebration was created from concept to full production and included booking entertainment and communicating with the location and suppliers. The project was commissioned by BAM Nieuwbouw concepten and organized at the event location ADAM Toren, Amsterdam.