Event intervention

Atlassian Zombie

Atlassian and MRH events, asked us to create a powerful intervention at their yearly Halloween event with the theme ‘Aftermath’. The event centered around a post-apocalyptic world where the zombies have taken over. When the clock striked 5  the board of Atlassian broadcasted an alarming message on the screens of their head office, preluding the start of our eerie intervention.

Every staff member had to cross our controle post. Four actors worked together on the thorough investigation of everyone, using a special lighting system. Resulting in a partition of three groups in blue, green and red. Special procedures made the audience laugh and shiver at the same time. When the party was fully evolved, one of the infected guards re-appeared as a gory zombie. The selected ‘blue’ attendees were involved in helping to capture the zombie.

This intervention distinguished itself from the normal office party and lifted it to a whole new level.

Credits: Mrhevents, Photographer: Zelda Bonnet