Experience Creators

Makers of the Moment

Experience Creators

Makers of the Moment

What we do

We are experience creators that believe in the power of memorable moments. We create opportunities for the audience to experience the space, the performers, and the other audience members with curiosity, allowing genuine moments of connection to happen.

Creating concepts on- or offline and executing this in a playful way is our expertise. Whether your request is excessive, short or extensive. We trigger experiences that bring your story to life.


The backbone to every great experience concept

When we advise, a co-creation process starts. We believe that every narrative starts with a strong experience concept. With our expertise we can advise and guide you on your process of creating. We funnel your ideas, questions and dreams to extract the content of the story you want to tell. Whether that’s a small gathering, a large scale hybrid event or a period of transition our knowledge of experience will help you define a concept that fits your needs. We advise you on the visuality of your content, direct activation of the participants, distinctive hosting and other playful elements that bring your story to life.

Buro Curious advices WINK, TEDx, Belastingdienst, Hotel Arena, Cineville, Tweakers, We Are Public, Graafschap College, Heineken.

Unlimited experience

A limitless immersive experience

When we design an unlimited experience we go all the way. We advise on every aspect that contributes to an unforgettable live gathering or digital event. By blending performance, music, light, food, styling and all other imaginable elements we create an impactful experience. The experience grasps you at the start, absorbs you into its story and leaves you wanting more.

Buro Curious designs unlimited experiences for Red Bull, Cineville, Make-A-Wish, van Gogh Museum, Hotel Arena, TEDx, Museumnacht Amsterdam, Gemeente Amsterdam, DeFabrique


A performance intervention with a specific impact

Our interventions are autonomous components that strengthen your online or live event. A small world embedded in your world that connects different elements of your story and guarantees direct interaction with the participants. An impulse that provokes playfulness and curiosity, and a creative expression that makes your story last.

Buro Curious designs interventions for ANWB, Q.O. Hotel, Tweakers, Hampton by Hilton, Dutch Sustainable Fashion Event, ID&T, VANMOOF

Who you are

You have a story that needs to be told.

You have an idea that is yearning for a concept.

You are in need of some experience advice.

You are curious to explore how you can activate your visitors.

You are adventurous and looking to make your event an immersive one.

You are going through stages of change and are looking for guidance.

You have something to celebrate.

You are creating a hybrid event.

You want your audience fully involved.

You are looking for a playful element.

You are looking to transform your story into a breathtaking experience.

You always strive for quality.

You believe in memorable moments.

You are looking for experience creators.

You are looking for us.

"When we were planning this production we wanted: bigger, better, bolder. Buro Curious came in and understood exactly what we needed to realize that. Our guests were pulled into the story that they created, with attention to the smallest detail, from the start. A lovely and creative group of people to work with! They made our event one to remember."


“We had an initial idea, but by joining forces with Buro Curious, that idea blossomed into a total experience that we can't stop speaking about even now, almost a year later. The event transformed from fragments into a whole because of their ideas. From dream to reality!”

Graafschap College

“Buro Curious translates the atmosphere off the silver screen into an interactive performance that challenges you in many different ways to get involved with the story before, during and after the film.”


Who we are

Ella Gil and Swaantje Nijkamp are the founders of this ​passionate​ company. A collaboration that started at the academy of performing arts in 2007 and was strengthened in 2010 with Barnaby Savage joining the team. Buro Curious is a growing company and a collective of skilled and motivated experience creators. We are specialised in giving advice on event design, implementing immersive elements and creating circumstances that generate an impactful experience.

​B​y combining performance, sense stimulance, audio visual components, light design, styling and all other imaginable elements, we bring your story to life.